The Gentleman Bushranger

“The heady scent of eucalypts mingled with the recent rain should have been a balm to the nerves of Brady and his men, but Brady barely registered them as he made his way carefully through the bush. His senses were on the lookout for foreign scents. Smoke from a campfire. Sounds of other horses or men moving through the trees. A reflection from a manmade object that told them they weren’t alone. There was no rest when you were a bushranger on the run. No peace.© Karen Lieversz 2019

“The Gentleman Bushranger,” has been highly commended in the Stringybark 2019 Times Past competition and is published in the anthology, “Fault Lines.” The E book can be purchased from Smashwords and the print copies are currently on pre-order at:

When I was researching historical people and events for the competition I came across Matthew Brady, an escaped convict from Macquarie Harbour, West Tasmania, who became a bushranger. He was a rebel who adhered to a moral code, while the authorities abused their power. It was his respectful treatment of women that captivated me and inspired me to write about him. He was a man ahead of his times. Times that were brutal, particularly for convicts and women.

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