Dawn is one of my favourite times of the day. Yet, I wouldn’t be up and about if it wasn’t for my faithful four-legged trainer’s insistent demands.

Our current dog is a four-year old kelpie cross staffy who doesn’t believe in sleep ins. Prior to adopting her, we had the privilege of sharing our home with two senior rescue dogs. They loved their morning walks too, but they also didn’t mind waiting until the sun was fully up before venturing outside.

I took special note of the sunrise this morning as we headed out at 5.30 am. I’d seen it a thousand of times before and yet it was like I was seeing it for the first time.

The streets are deserted allowing us to meander on our morning walk without interruption. The horizon to the west is a strip of pewter grey, trapped against the land by flamingo pink hues. By the time we reach the southern end of the street the grey has been swallowed up, the horizon transformed into a flock of flamingos welcoming the dawn.

We head east into the park to find a fiery light emerging from behind the hill, its brilliance filtered through the branches of the gum trees. It’s not hard to imagine what a bushfire would look like. Except, this isn’t a fire. It’s the dawn of a new day: bright and vibrant. The chill of winter is behind us, the taste of summer infusing the air, promising a fresh start.

Yesterday’s troubles belong to yesterday.

There is only today.

Here and now.

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