Even though I’m working through Christmas/New Year, it’s still a time for relaxation and reflection. The world is a little less hectic, a little less demanding, a little less of everything. It provides much needed breathing space to recharge.

A natural thing to do in this downtime is to read. Romance is my genre of choice but every now and then I diverge and try something different.

The last non-romance book I read was “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. I must have read the prologue at least three times. And then read it aloud. I was captivated by “Death” as the narrator. He was a likable character. The prose was at times quirky and at other times, like taking a long, hot, lavender scented bath. So, I hate to admit that I struggled when I got to the main body. While I was captivated by Death as the narrator in the Prologue, I found the continued omniscient narrator style difficult to engage with as the story unfolded. Not to mention, World War Two is not my thing. As a result I skipped to the end where it again reads more like the Prologue. I did finish it… sort of!

Why do I mention this?

Because I still find it hard to admit I love romance for fear of being branded a non-serious reader. The fact is, good writers of romance build rich worlds and complex characters. They develop twists and turns in the plot that leaves the reader clutching their chest as they turn the page or sobbing in a quiet corner when all looks doomed. They write poetic and eloquent prose. There is nothing to be ashamed of and yet… the stigma is still there.

While my own writing isn’t all romance, if there is a way to weave a hint of romance or a sexually charged moment into a story, then I’ll find it.

For now, though, I plan to escape into other worlds and make a small dent in my TBR list.

I hope you’re also enjoying whatever it is that re-charges your soul.

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