One Dance

The hall looked like it belonged in one of those suspense movies. You know the type, the ones where the hapless woman ends up kidnapped by some crazed psycho. Lisa couldn’t see any lights on or people mingling at the entrance. 

Maybe she was in the wrong place?

She drove around the block. It had taken all of her courage to get in the car after signing up for the dance class. Now that she’d arrived, she didn’t know if she could go through with it. After all, for all she knew she might have two left feet.

She drove around the block.


The hall still seemed deserted. Maybe it really was a place where a crazy psycho lured unsuspecting single women to a gory end.

This was ridiculous, she thought. What was wrong with her? Running back home, to hide in her apartment with a romance novel and tub of choc chip ice cream, was what the old Lisa would have done. She was the new Lisa. The Lisa who was going to learn how to dance.

She parked the car and got out. Light from a crack in the door seeped through the darkness, drawing her closer. A woman in her thirties stood near the entrance. Lisa sighed with relief. There was nothing remotely psycho-looking about the woman.


“Hi,” Lisa replied shyly.

“You’re here for the dance class, I take it?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, then, come inside. I’m the teacher. We’ll be starting soon.”

Lisa stepped cautiously into the room. After all, it could still be a trap, despite the girl-next-door appearance of the teacher. A few more people arrived: all couples. Mmmm.. maybe it was what it appeared to be – a dance class.

The advertisement had said no partner was needed. As more couples arrived, Lisa wondered how that was going to work. She hovered nervously near the door wondering if she could slip out unnoticed.

The door banged open, barely missing Lisa, and a giant dressed in blue jeans and a black t-shirt with Metallica sprawled across the front of it, strode in. Inky black smudges lined his eyes. He looked like he was either way too familiar with drugs or was in need of a month’s worth of sleep.

Why was he here?

Lisa mentally slapped herself. To pick up women, of course. She prayed she didn’t get stuck dancing with him. If anyone could be a crazed psycho it was him.

“Hi, Kari,” said the teacher. “Thanks for coming at short notice.”

The newcomer nodded his head and grunted a reply.

“I’d like you to dance with Lisa,” continued the teacher, “she’s on her own.”

Lisa’s stomach dropped. This was not how she’d imagined dance class would be. Was she really going to let him put his hands on her?

The music started and Kari’s eyes flicked over Lisa, his gaze inscrutable. He held his hand out to her. After a small hesitation she took it. Despite the chilly night it felt warm. Strong.

Kari took Lisa through the first few steps of the dance. She faltered but he helped her with her timing and before she knew it, she was dancing.


It was exhilarating.

Kari’s hands were firm on her body. Protective. She peeked a look at his face, a face she had been studiously avoiding. Warm, chocolate eyes stared back at her. If that’s what psycho looked like then she was hooked.

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