The Denim Outlaws

“This is outlaw country: traditional country music revved up and dirtied down. The lyrics are gritty and defiant, the drumbeat a fiery pulse, straight to my core.”


What will it take for Lacey to realise she belongs with Elijah and Nate?

Lacey’s had enough of men running from commitment like it’s a life-threatening disease. Safer to lust from afar than risk giving her heart away again.

Elijah and Nate, guitarists for The Denim Outlaws, have seen it all and done it all. But their lives are empty. It’s time to settle down.

When tragedy strikes and the band needs a drummer, Lacey steps in to help. She’s too innocent, too sweet for men like Elijah and Nate, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting her. All they have to do is keep their hands, and every other part of their bodies, to themselves for ten days.




Courtesy of @holdfast_photography

Heat rushes through my body, and my vision blurs as Nate and Elijah step forward, stroking electric guitars, their cocky grins melting my panties.

© Karen Lieversz 2021


The Denim Outlaws is a steamy, MFM romance now available in Romance Writer’s of Australia’s Spicy Bites Denim Anthology.

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  1. Hey, just noticed this in my emails. It went into the ‘social’ folder which is usually full of Twitter etc. Very exciting – looks like it’s for sale through Amazon?

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