Burning Asphalt

The guttural cry reverberates across the airwaves and fills the cabin of my truck.


What happens when police lines are crossed?

Brooding hot cop Lachie is over the single scene and ready to settle down. Trouble is, the man he has his eye on, his next door neighbour, Steve, doesn’t swing his way. 

Or does he?

When Lachie gives Steve a lift home from the pub one night, they share a kiss. What follows next is a sexual awakening that steams up the windows, rocks the chassis, and leaves the asphalt scorched in its wake.


“Steve’s pupils widen to shimmering black holes encased by blue so pure it’s blinding. Instead of pushing me away, he places his hand on my thigh and squeezes.”

© Karen Lieversz 2022


My latest short story, Burning Asphalt, was described as “too graphic” by one judge in the Romance Writers of Australia Spicy Bites competition. I don’t think so, but I’ll leave it to readers to decide whether it goes too far.

You can find Burning Asphalt and eleven more erotic tales in the latest Spicy Bites Machines Anthology.

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