While the Hot Cops series is all about sexy men (in or out of uniform) and the women they come to love, my stories in these steamy anthologies by Romance Writers of Australia are MM and MFM, and feature a hot cop (surprise, surprise), rock stars and cricketers.

The RWA Spicy Bites Machines Anthology includes…

Burning Asphalt

What happens when police lines are crossed?

Brooding hot cop Lachie is over the single scene and ready to settle down. Trouble is, the man he has his eye on, his next door neighbour, Steve, doesn’t swing his way.

Or does he?

When Lachie gives Steve a lift home from the pub one night, they share a kiss. What follows is a sexual awakening that steams up the windows, rocks the chassis, and leaves the asphalt scorched in its wake.

Tighten your seatbelts… it’s about to get messy!

The RWA Spicy Bites Denim Anthology includes…

The Denim Outlaws

What will it take for Lacey to realise she belongs with Elijah and Nate?

Lacey’s had enough of men running from commitment like it’s a life-threatening disease. Safer to lust from afar than risk giving her heart away again.

Elijah and Nate, guitarists for The Denim Outlaws, have seen it all and done it all. But their lives are empty. It’s time to settle down.

When tragedy strikes and the band needs a drummer, Lacey steps in to help. She’s too innocent, too sweet for men like Elijah and Nate, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting her. All they have to do is keep their hands, and every other part of their bodies, to themselves for ten days.



The RWA Leather Bites Denim Anthology includes my prize winning story…

The Winning Captain

When two captains collide, will love be enough or will fear keep them apart?

Best friends, Ashan and Michael, did everything together, until an incident in the locker room after cricket practice. Michael left to study abroad, not returning until five years later.

When they find themselves as opposing cricket captains, whose team will win the match? But more importantly, will Ashan finally admit how he feels about Michael? Or will fear stop him from losing his best friend, the man he loves, forever?

If you like your men hot and sweaty, and chest to chest, then you’ll love this short, sensual coming of age story.

Other Anthologies

Private Lessons, can be found in The Scientific Method, an erotic anthology by Stringybark Books (edited by David Vernon).

The Gentleman Bushranger, a story based on real life bushranger, Matthew Brady, is available in Fault Lines, a Stringybark Books Anthology edited by David Vernon.

Yes Prime Minister, can be found in That is ALL Wrong! An Anthology of Offbeat Horror: Vol III, edited by Jan-Andrew Henderson. As the name suggests, this is a horror anthology. There is some heat, but full disclosure – there is no HEA. It was a temporary but deliciously wicked diversion from romance.

Through the Eyes of a Wolf, a modern day retelling of LIttle Red Riding Hood, can be found in this anthology of short stories, memoir and poetry by writers from the Eastwood/Hills branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers NSW.

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