Hot Cops Series

Packed with sizzling heat, humour and misbehaving canines, the Hot Cops series is perfect for readers of contemporary romance who enjoy their men in (or out of) uniform, and with a hint of suspense.

Solo parent Detective Inspector Jake Matthews has dedicated his life to cleaning up the streets of Western Sydney. But when the beautiful blonde with sexy green eyes walks straight into his path, responsibility is the last thing on his mind. 

When Claire Thompson breaks her golden rule — never ever wear ugly underwear — a near miss with a hot cop’s SUV reveals her embarrassing secret. Lucky for Claire, the handsome inspector finds her rule-breaking captivating. 

Before the all-important third date, an office drug bust puts Claire on the wrong side of a jail cell door. The evidence is damning, and Jake treads a narrow line between duty and his growing feelings as he sets about proving Claire’s innocence.

But Jake and Claire will need to reveal all their secrets — along with Claire’s panties — if they’re going to have any chance of breaking their self-imposed rules and finding their happy ending.

  • Cute meet-cute
  • Badly behaved sniffer dog
  • Hot Cop
  • Adorable son
  • Hero with a tragic secret
  • Heroine with an unusual obsession
  • Falsely accused heroine
  • Age gap
  • Law enforcement
  • Steamy

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